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My corner sofa

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I have a nice house. It is comfortable. A nice new kitchen. A children’s bedroom, a 12 years old champion and a almost 8 years old princess. Also I have a bedroom and a living room. Ah the living room.

I have a sofa, a corner sofa. One of those that when you watch TV, you can stretching the legs. Very relaxing. When I want to stay a bit relaxed time, I call my partner and with her, we lie on our couch.

When my legs are stretched out on my sofa, anything in the world doesn’t matter to me.

Anything happens around me doesn’t matter to me, like everything that happens during the night which you find out in the morning when you wake up. So you can comment them and after you can forget them. The only thing that you remember better and to which you give really matter, is your corner sofa.

So, everyone has his own sofa, his own short personal time in which any unwanted thing doesn’t have access.
Whatever happens, you will comment tomorrow after coffee, with your partner, wife, friend or with your collegue and then storing in the shelf of the day’s events.

No matter what is the event, if it is the defeat of your supported team, an earthquake, an epidemic or a full of children hospital destroyed in Syria by western bombs.

At the end, you spend one, two, at most five minutes of attention and a few words and then you can come back to think to your corner sofa.

War and the tragedy of millions of people don’t exist anymore. They become again only numbers.

United Nations in 2013 have stopped to count children killed from western bombs and they were 11000. Now, it is estimated that they are five times more.

But it is not our problem… we don’t know their names. It is not our problem to know if today, western bombs are destroyed a hospital. Our big problem, is to know that this evening, like every evening, we will have our short time to spend with stretched out legs on our corner sofa.

War is too far away to think about it tonight and to feel responsible but, wars are never political conflicts, they are always commercial agreements and as such, they all have a price to pay: the unrivaled price of the life of a single child.

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  1. Tutto questo è troppo, io voglio che questo mondo finisce!!! Che paga di più sono il bambini che dio ci pedoni, il mondo va sempre peggio!!!

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